5 Year Anniversary Open House Speech

Below you will find the speech that I gave during the 5 Year Anniversary Celebration and Open House. Upon writing this speech, I had the opportunity to reflect on these past few years, looking back on where we’ve been and where we’ve come, as well as on what we were and what we are now. […]

POV: Phoenix Wushu Nationals 2022

Please note that this article is only a representation of my own personal point of view from my experience participating in the Phoenix Wushu Nationals Competition in 2022. #1: Shaolin Tong Bei Quan “There are two more before you.”  “Okay.” “You’re next”   I’m next?! “Okay”    “Go on up”   SALUTE, HOLD. ENTER, WALK TO THE […]

Reflection: Sky to Summit and The Kungfu Spirit

“Kungfu is not about having fun, it is about working hard.” I often tell this to my younger students when I feel they need to remember the true nature of what they are doing.  5 hours into our race, after being rained on the whole morning and climbing up the highest peak in Georgia for […]