At ECKF, the health and safety of our community is our top priority. Therefore, for the reopening of classes inside the building, we will adapt to the CDC and NCDHHS guidelines in order to keep everyone safe while continuing our beloved Kungfu practice.


Students and guests will:

  • Be required to bring their mask and wear it at all times while inside the building. If a person arrives without a mask, a disposable one will be provided to them upon entry of the building.
  • Maintain at least 6ft distance between each other during training. There will be no exercise involving physical touch.
    • Be required to submit to a temperature test upon entering the building. Any person with elevated body temperature and/or showing symptoms of covid-19 will be refused entry to the building.
  • Be required to wash/sanitize hands upon entering the building. Students should also wash/sanitize hands before and after use of any equipment.
  • Be required to stay home and they have or had any symptom of infection in the past 14 days (fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing).


Further implementations in the school include:

  • All material used during class will be disinfected at the end of class using an EPA approved disinfectant for Covid-19.
  • All common areas will be disinfected at the end of the day using an EPA approved disinfectant for Covid-19.
  • Classes will be limited to no more than 10 people in one session with a maximum building capacity of 20 people (CDC guidelines allow 7 people per 1,000 square foot so we will be well under our maximum facility capacity).
  • Doors will remain opened whenever possible to increase ventilation and air flow in the building.
  • Instructors will be subjected to daily temperature and symptom screening.
  • Stations for sanitation and disinfection will be made readily available around the school.
  • Floors, both within and outside of the training area, have been marked to facilitate the ease of social distancing. Signage will also be posted around the school to remind the community of health and safety procedures to follow.
  • Schedule has been adapted to allow for various options of class attendance to suit the needs of each student and provide adequate time to allow for disinfection before the following class. Online, outdoor, and in-school class options are all available.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you all for your cooperation in keeping our school a safe place 🙏


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