In this class we explore the gamut of standing grappling skills within the Chinese Martial Tradition, rooted in an understanding of Tai Chi Chuan as a wrestling art and drawing from both internal and external disicplines, including Bagua Zhang, Xing Yi, Shuai Jiao. We emphasize real skill development in this class, with the majority of our training being live and contested, using different grappling rulesets popular within the Chinese Martial Arts community.

We accept students into our sparring class from ages 13 years and above. Students of all levels participate in the same classes.

This class is currently offered on Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8:00pm. Full schedule can be found on the calendar.

What is Tui Shou?

Pushing Hands, or Tui Shou 推手, is a partner exercise in the internal martial arts styles, such as Tai Chi, Bagua Zhang, and Xing Yi. Techniques like ward-off, roll-back, press, and push are used to sense and redirect an opponent’s force. This practice develops sensitivity and timing, adaptability, as well as balance and rootedness. 

There are also many benefits beyond martial applications, such as enhanced body awareness, relaxation, and the cultivation of internal energy (qi). Pushing Hands promotes the integration of mind and body, fostering a holistic approach to martial arts training.


What is Shuai Jiao?

Shuai Jiao 摔跤, also known as Chinese Wrestling, is a traditional martial art focused on throws, takedowns, and grappling. I has a long history in China and is considered one of the oldest recorded martial arts in existence.  The art emphasizes the use of leverage, timing, and technique to overcome an opponent’s strength, and practitioners use sweeps, trips, and throws to off-balance opponents.


Class Structure:

  • Warm-Up, Qi Gong and Mobility
  • Tui Shou(Pushing Hands)
  • Drilling Suai Jiao Techniques
  • 5 rounds Shuai Jiao Sparring
  • 5 rounds Light Contact Free Sparring


*Sanda is optional and reserved for students with a sufficient skillset and proficiency to safely protect both themselves and their opponents.

*If participating in Sanda, it is recommended that you bring your own kickboxing gear to class. Boxing gloves (no MMA gloves) and shin guards are advised. If you do not have your own gear and you plan to attend this classes regularly, it is recommended that you invest in a set.


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