The eye opening ceremony is the traditional way of dedicating a temple or practice hall by which a primary Buddha image, or statue,  is “Awakened” through the symbolic painting in of the eyes. A brush is used to delicately apply a dot representing the pupil in the center of each eye.  Once the Buddha image’s eyes have been “opened” the temple or practice hall officially becomes a place of Enlightenment. 

Our ceremony was based on this tradition.  Our reminder of our innate wholeness is a candle reflected in a mirror.  Therefore, the eyes that we will “open” are our own eyes.  It is our own turning toward our innate wholeness, practicing receptiveness and openness, and building supportive relationships, that “open” our eyes in this place together. 

Turning the Light Around


Together, we turn toward our innate wholeness.

Together, we turn toward our practices of receptivity. 

Together, we turn toward building supportive relationships. 

[Water Blessing]


On the tip of the brush is the supreme nectar.

When one drop falls, it fills the Ten Directions

And puts an end to countless afflictions.

This water’s shape is round or square

According to the container that holds it. 

In the spring warmth, it is liquid; in the winter cold, it is solid. 

When its path is open, it flows.

When its path is obstructed, it stands still. 

How vast it is, yet its source is so small it is difficult to find. 

How wonderful it is in its streams which flow endlessly. 

In the jade rivulets, the footprints of dragons remain.

In the deep pond, water holds the bright halo

Of the autumn moon. 

On the tip of the ruler’s pen, 

Water becomes the compassion of clemency.

On the brush,

It becomes the clear fresh balm of compassion. 

Only one drop of the water of compassion is needed, 

And the Ten Directions are all purified. 

[Leader drips water on participants hands with the brush.]

[Leader]  Please touch your eyes with this water to symbolize the cleansing and opening of the mind’s eye in this place and in our hearts. 

[All]  We dedicate this place to the innate wholeness of people, to the practices of receptivity, and to supportive relationships. Opening our minds, our awareness fills the universe.  Opening our hearts, we cherish the world. 

[Leader] To the upholding of ethical action

[All] We dedicate this place.

[Leader] To the practice of meditation

[All] We dedicate this place.

[Leader] To the ripening of wisdom

[All] We dedicate this place.

[Leader] To the joy of awakening

[All] We dedicate this place.

[Leader] Though in the word outside there is strife

[All] Here may there be peace.

[Leader] Though in the world outside there is division

[All] Here may there be harmony.  

[Leader] Here present, here practicing,

[All] May our minds become open, 

May our thoughts become receptive,

May our speech build relationships.

For the happiness of all,

For the benefit of all, 

With body, speech and mind,

We dedicate this place.


Please join together in blessing our new meditation room.  Please walk around the perimeter of the room until you get to the altar. Once at the altar, take a pinch of the incense and place it on the charcoal.  You may bow before placing the incense and after if you feel so lead.  

[After everyone has finished offering incense, the leader made the closing statement]

Chant of Compassion


We surround all forms of life with infinite love and compassion.

Especially do we send out compassionate thoughts to those in suffering and sorrow, to those in doubt and ignorance, to all those whose feet stand close to the great change called death, we send forth all wisdom, mercy, and love. May the infinite light of wisdom and compassion so shine within us that the errors and vanities of self may be dispelled. So shall we understand the changing nature of existence and awaken into spiritual peace. 




May our practice of turning toward our innate wholeness, receptiveness, and relationship in this space benefit everyone throughout space and time.  To all honored ones, sages, teachers, guides, and wayfarers, we join the benefit of our practice together for others.  Wisdom Beyond Wisdom. 


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