What is Taiji?

Taiji is a form of internal chinese martial arts that focuses on harvesting and utilizing the individual’s internal energy. Movements are typically slow and gentle in comparison to other styles while also simulating applicable self-defense techniques. Known to reduce stress, improve balance, circulation/respiration, intellectual capacity, strength and mobility. All students begin by learning the basic techniques, followed by taolu and progressing in complexity and difficulty as they advance. More advanced routines include the use of demonstration weapons. Some contact involved.


  • Taichi walk (all directions)
  • Taichi basic movements
  • Meditation and cultivation of qi
  • Yang Style 24 Form
  • 32 Sword
  • 42 Fist Competition Form (mixed style)
  • 42 Straight sword
  • Chen Old Form
Here is a simple Qi-Gong and Taichi routine, created for a seminar, and freely available.

Class Flow:

  • Meditation

  • Warm-Up and mobility

  • Qigong/Fundamentals

  • Group 24 Form

  • Individual practice 



  • Taiji Fundamentals (basic walking and hand techniques)
  • Yang Style 24 Form
  • Yang Style 32 Sword
  • 42 Fist Competition Form (mixed style)
  • 42 Straight sword

*Meditation with Master Alex is held every Saturday at 9:30am before Taiji class.


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