What is Taiji?

Taiji 太极, also commonly spelled as Tai Chi, is a form of internal Chinese martial arts that focuses on cultivating and utilizing the individual’s internal energy. There are many styles of taiji that range in dynamics but, generally movements are performed slow and gently in comparison to other styles, while also simulating applicable self-defense techniques. Taiji is known to reduce stress, improve balance, circulation/respiration, intellectual capacity, strength and mobility.

What is Qigong?

Qigong 气功 is an ancient practice part of traditional Chinese medicine. It involves using breath work and exercises to optimize energy within the body, with the intention of improving and maintaining physical and mental health, spirit and overall well-being.

Qigong in itself is a broad practice and can range from hard to soft, fast and slow, or even be dynamic or static. However, when used for relaxation, movements are generally gentle and smooth, breathing is slow and controlled, long and deep and there is an emphasis on focusing one’s attention and visualization. 


What is the difference between Taiji and Qigong?

The easiest distinction between taiji and qigong is that taiiji is a martial art. Every motion in a taiji form is an applicable martial technique. While qigong is an integral part of the taiji practice, and often overlaps and can incorporate martial applications, qigong in itself is not a martial art.

Taiji and Qigong are both commonly referred to as “moving meditation” and are great for those that have difficulty with sitting mediation. 

Here is a simple Taiji and Qigong routine, created for a seminar, and freely available.

Our Curriculum:

 *Extracurricular forms such as Taiji Fan and Taiji Cane also available for study after a student has developed a strong foundation.

Class Structure :

  • Meditation
  • Warm-Up and Mobility
  • Qigong Form and Breathwork
  • Taiji Fundamentals Drills
  • Group Yang 24 Form
  • Individual practice with option for push hands practice

 Note: Students of all levels participate in the same classes. Most of the class is practiced as a group with the last portion of the class reserved for individual practice based on experience. 

*Zen Studies and Meditation with Master Alex is held every Saturday, starting at 9:00am before Taiji class.


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