What is Wushu?

The term “Wushu 武 術 ” translates to “martial arts” and is a general term for the Chinese Martial Arts. However in recent times,  “Contemporary Wushu” has become a competitive international sport under the International Wushu Federation (IWUF). Wushu is subdivided into two  categories: taolu 套路 and sanda 散打. 

Taolu is focused on performance routines that draw from more traditional styles of the Chinese Martial arts and simulate self-defense techniques while incorporating acrobatic techniques known as nandu 難度 (difficulty movements). Taolu is a highly athletic practice and emphasizes detail, speed, power, and agility. 

Sanda, formerly Sanshou  散手, is also known as Chinese kickboxing. It was originally developed by the Chinese military and incorporates both traditional and modern applications. It combines full-contact kickboxing techniques as well as wrestling, takedowns, throws, sweeps, elbow and knee strikes.


What is the difference between Wushu and Kungfu? 

Wushu and Kungfu are both often used to indicate the Chinese martial arts. However, “wu 武 /shu 術”   translates to “martial arts” while kungfu (gong 功 /fu 夫)  translates to “the development of skill with time and effort/hard work” and can be used to indicate expertise achieved in any discipline, martial or not.



We offer classes for both children and adults of all skills levels. Visit individual pages for more details.

Visit the Kid’s Wushu (Ages 6-12 years old) Page

Visit the Adults and Teens Wushu (13+ years old) Page

Our Curriculum

Our Wushu program incorporates training methods from both contemporary Wushu and Shaolin systems, and offers classes in both taolu and applications training. Below you will find a description of the different levels and requirements for our students at each level. Each level is further subdivided into Copper, Silver and Gold, each with specific requirements for advancement. 

Time for completion of each level is dependent upon factors including but not limited to: student’s previous experience in martial arts upon joining a program, body awareness and understanding of concepts, attendance, and time spent training and studying outside of class. The length of times shown are purely estimates and vary with every student. 

Fundamentals (3-6 months)

  • Students that have no experience begin their wushu journey at East Cloud Kungfu with the foundations of Wushu. 
  • Here they will learn basic stances, hand techniques, kicks and their first elementary form.
Eagles: Beginner-Intermediate (6 months-1 year)
  • The Eagles range in experience from beginners to a lower intermediate level. In this level, students will continue to develop their basic knowledge and skills, as well as acquire experience in public demonstrations. 
  • Upon completion of the Eagle’s division, students will have learned elementary forms in the following:
    • Changquan 长拳; (Long fist)
    • Daoshu 刀术 (Broadsword) 
    • Jianshu 剑术 (Straightsword)
    • Gunshu 棍术(Staff) 
    • Qiangshu 枪术 (Spear) 

Tigers: Intermediate – Advanced (1-3 years)

  • Students who enter this level have already developed a strong foundation and are becoming more serious in their training. 
  • Students will learn intermediate forms of all previously acquired skills.
  • This level will begin exploring other styles of kungfu outside that of modern wushu and kickboxing including:
    • Nanquan 南拳 (Southern Fist)
    • Shaolin Style 少林式
    • Wing Chun 咏春
    • Taijiquan 太极拳 (Tai Chi)
  • Student will begin gaining experience in competition. 

Dragons: Advanced – Life Long Learners

  • Only the most serious and dedicated students make it to this level.
  • In addition to having accomplished all requirements of the preceding levels, students at this level are required to gain a basic minimum experience in all other styles offered at East Cloud. 
  • Students at this level will have gained experience both in demonstrations and competitions 
  • Students at this level will be required to create a competition form
  • Students at this level will be require to gain experience in teaching 

This video is great example of what a wushu taolu class at East Cloud Kungfu looks like, showing the general class structure as well as examples of both basic and advanced practices.


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