Parent’s Night Out

One night per month, the school opens its doors so that parents can have an evening to themselves!


  • Kungfu!
  • Games and Crafts
  • Avatar (children's cartoon inspired by martial arts) or child appropriate Kungfu movie (ex: Kungfu Panda, Mulan)
  • Snack (please include any dietary restriction on registration form)


  • Select Saturdays each month (see below) from 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm. Doors open for drop-off at 6:15pm.


  • July 27
  • August 24
  • September 21
  • October 19
  • November 23

Who is it for?

  • Ages 5 and up
  • Potty trained
  • Dressed appropriately

How much does it cost?

Non-member Price Member Price
First Child $25 $20
Each additional Child $20 $15

Please take my child!

  • 1- Register online: REGISTRATION
  • 2- Complete the WAIVER below
  • 3- Invoice will be sent to you after the registration is complete
  • 4- Enjoy your night!


I understand that the risk of injury is inherent in any activity physical in nature. I, hereby consent to my child’s presence at East Cloud Kungfu for Parent’s Night Out. I do, hereby, for myself, my child, heirs and executors forever waive and release East Cloud Kungfu, its employees and agents from any and all claims, actions, demands, rights and damages of any nature whatsoever, that I or my child may have at any time against East Cloud Kungfu, its directors, officers, employees and agents.
It is hereby understood that East Cloud Kungfu is not responsible in any way for damage or loss of any personal property which the child or parent/guardian brings onto the premises of East Cloud Kungfu.
I give full permission, in perpetuity, for media, including but not limited to audio, photographs, and video, to be taken of me or my child during Parent’s Night Out to be used for the purpose of assisting in training and promotion of the school. I understand that there will be no compensation for such use, and I release all claims to any and all damages resulting from such use.

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