San He Dao Workshop

Come join us at East Cloud for a very special workshop and learn
the Three Harmonies Saber form!

What is the San He Dao?  San He Dao, translated as the Three Harmonies Saber, is a rare internal saber form that traces back to the world renowned Chinese martial artist, Chu Guiting and the 12 Animal Xing Yi. The entire solo form consists of about 100 moves that are divided into 3 sections, with the 1st and 3rd sections practiced as a cooperative duet.

Workshop Content: Participants will learn an abbreviated section of the duet.

When: September 21, from 10 am to 4 pm.

Where: East Cloud Kungfu  / 5655-A Western Blvd Raleigh, NC 27606

Cost: $60 per person 

All ages and abilities welcome!

Why study this interactive saber form? 

Learning an interactive weapons form can enhance all aspects of life, helping to improve a practitioner’s health and physical abilities by increasing strength, improving whole body awareness, refining sensitivity, extending energy, inviting balance, and building a foundation for continued learning in fun and safe environment. No actual combat is involved in this class, yet we practice WuShu Spirit: bravery, humility, patience, attention to detail, and joyful fellowship. 

Learning a paired weapons form is a unique opportunity to get to know the self, the opponent, and the blade!

Teacher Gabe StClair

Gabe began studying a full curriculum of taiji with Dr. Jay Dunbar and The Magic Tortoise School in 1998, especially the full 108 traditional Chen and WuHao styles. Gabe has been a taiji teacher at Durham Center for Senior Life since 2006, where she taught WuHao for 13 years and Chen for 2 years. In 2014, Gabe learned the San He Dao in China from Masters Yan Cheng-de and Rose Oliver of Double Dragon Alliance. Master Yan was a student of Grandmaster Chu Guiting. Gabe taught the San He Dao to Dan who developed the paired version. Gabe is currently focused on teaching taiji to senior citizens; playing taiji with her friends; and studying the Master Dong Bin Yang 81 Taiji form from Double Dragon Alliance with Masters Rose Oliver and Wang Ming Bo.

Teacher Dan Pasek

Dan has been training Taijiquan since 1979 and teaches at his school, Entwined Dragons Taijiquan, in Pittsboro, NC. Dan uses this martial art to teach body structure and alignment, movement principles, and energy dynamics. He has been a tournament judge for both forms and push-hands since 1998.

He choreographed a San He Dao duet after obtaining confirmation from Franklin Fick (who learned the solo San He Dao in China from Master Gong Zhongxiang, a student of Grandmaster Chu Guiting) that the paired form is derived from the 1st and 3rd sections of the solo form. 

Read Dan’s articles about Taiji:

For those martial arts practitioners who are new to interactive practices, Dan has written an article discussing feedback and the benefits obtained through practicing with a partner:

“According to Swedish psychologist K. Anders Erickson, sometimes referred to as the “expert on experts,” those who are the best at what they do are attentive to feedback. Without feedback, how do we know how and when we improve?”…

The full article on Finding Feedback in Taijiquan can be read here: