Muhammad // Age 19 // Wing Chun // March 2020

Congratulations to East Cloud Kungfu’s second Student of the Month, Muhammad!

Muhammad is an extremely dedicated martial artist.  Before coming to East Cloud Kungfu, he studied another lineage of Wing Chun and also Shaolin Kung Fu.  He is devoted to his kung fu brothers and sisters and helping new students learn basic drills. He posts videos on social media encouraging others to train at home and sets a good example for all to follow. He is steadfast in both the physical aspects of training as well as mental. He discusses fitness and conditioning with coach Louis, arrives early to class and stays late for extra training, as well as helping East Cloud by demonstrating his skills during performances.

Thank you Muhammad for being such a valuable part of the East Cloud Kungfu Family. You are truly an admirable and skilled young man. Your hard work and dedication are clear to anyone who has seen you practice and we look forward to watching you continue your journey to becoming an even greater martial artist. You’re on the right path to your big goals! 

(A)       How long have you been studying Wing Chun and why did you begin?

(M)      I’ve been watching martial arts movies; Kung Fu Panda. That just had me fired up, especially the anime, Dragon Ball Z. 

(A)       What do you like most about the Wing Chun style?

(M)      The speed.  The Flow.

(A)       What is the most difficult thing in Wing Chun you have done?

(M)      I don’t have anything I’ve had problems with really.

(A)       What is your biggest strength and weakness?

(M)      My biggest strength is focus and my biggest weakness is losing focus and getting thrown off. 

(A)       What is your favorite form or exercise you have learned in Wing Chun?

(M)      The 5 Animals form.  It looks the coolest. 

(A)       How does Wing Chun help you in your life outside of class.

(M)      It helps my focus and critical thinking.

(A)       What do you hope to accomplish in your training? Are there any goals you have set for yourself.

(M)      To be one of the best martial artists in the world.

(A)       Who is your favorite kung fu star? It could be Wing Chun person or any other and why?

(M)      Bruce Lee. That guy is good.

(A)       What are your thoughts about Ip Man movies and how it portrays Wing Chun.

(M)      They make it look like a completely impossible to beat martial art. Its good. 

(A)       If you had to choose another style to study, what would it be and why?

(M)      Karate, because they have a lot of conditioning, a lot of sparring, and contact. 

(A)       Any other thoughts you’d like to share.

(M) No



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