Suleiman // Age 19 // Wing Chun // May 2022

The soft overcomes the hard, yet few apply this knowledge.” “No one can compete with one who competes with no one.” These two quotes from the Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing) are exemplified in Suleiman’s attitude in Wing Chun class. He has overcome challenges both personally and “in the ring” sparring to continue to be dedicated to developing his skills in Wing Chun. Suleiman’s personality shows in his expression of Wing Chun.

Its an honor to be able to spotlight a student who shows the true Martial Spirit.


(Master Alex) When did you first begin training in Wing Chun and how did you get into it?

(Suleiman) I started training in 2014, I was 12.   My dad did Wing Chun and he got me interested in it.  I started training with Sifu Alex in 2018. 

(MA) What are the different styles of Wing Chun that you have trained since you started? How are they similar and how are they different? What are the pros and cons of each?

(S) I got bullied at my old school. My old teacher slapped my head against the wall when I got a move wrong.  Also, another student slammed me up against the wall.  The moves are different, they did more exercises.  We would bend down then stand back up and do chain punches.  We would hit paper, do horse stance, and crawl on the floor.   They did more self defense moves at my old school, like a gun disarm where you point the gun back at the guy. 

(MA) How has Wing Chun impacted your life? 

(S) Wing Chun makes me have more confidence and high standards.  I can defend myself.  Also, meditation is helpful. 

(MA) What is one important lesson you have learned from your training?

(S) Don’t give up and believe in yourself. 

(MA) What is it like training with your brother and your father? 

(S) Its good. We are a Kung Fu Family. 

(MA) Who is your Wing Chun or Kungfu hero? 

(S) Bruce Lee.  I like his analogy about the cup, when you put water into the cup, it becomes the cup. “Be water my friend.”  I also like when he says, “When you hit, it hits by itself.” 

(MA) What are your goals in Wing Chun for this next year? 

(S) I want to get better and get to brown sash in Wing Chun. 

(MA) What is one piece of advice you have for anyone just getting started in Wing Chun?

(S) Take your time. Don’t rush it. 

(MA) Anything else? 

(S) I want to learn snake style.  Also, it would be cool to make a kung fu movie, like a fight scene.  Sifu Alex is probably the best sifu out there.



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