Tallula // Age 12 // Wushu Copper Tigers // January 2022


Tallula began her wushu journey with the preceding Kungfu Center and has been with East Cloud since our beginning. Over the years I have come to find that she is one of the toughest, most active kids that I know. Aside from being the fastest runner in our kid’s class, she doesn’t mind getting dirty, tumbling around and welcomes all the obstacles she can get with her endless, hard-working spirit. Not only is she one of resilience, she is passionate and kind-hearted. She has always been quick to volunteer herself to help out the new students, teaching them the ropes, making them feel welcome, as well as leading them with her excellent example of strength and ethic. She is both an immense help to the class but also a delight to be around with her boundless energy and contagious laugh.

Thank you Tallula for being the beautiful and enduring spirit that you are! I am continually proud of and grateful for the young lady that you are and I am so excited to watch you continue to grow into your potential!



(Coach Josh) So you’re a pretty active young lady, tell me about all the activities you’re involved in. 


(Tallula) I horseback ride, ski, and rock climb. 


(CJ) How long have you been taking Kungfu and why did you first begin?


(T) It’s been about six years. Tessa recommended it when I was 5. I wanted to do something cool. 


(CJ) What do you love most about it? 


(T) Exercising, yet you learn something that could be useful one day. 


(CJ)What do you think are your biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses? 


(T) Biggest strengths are endurance and speed. My biggest weakness is probably horse stance because I think it’s easier for smaller students.


(CJ) The Chinese New Year Performance is coming up at the end of the month, it will be our first performance in over 2 years. How are you feeling about that? 


(T) Pretty good. I’ve also done folk dancing so I have performed alot and also talent shows at schools. 


(CJ) You’ve also done a competition before, can you tell me about that experience? 


(T) There are alot of people. I got second place for both of them, even though for long fist I had more points than Tessa, but she still got first place. 


(CJ) Would you like to do competition again one day or do you prefer to stick to performances? 


(T) I guess I could do competitions but I prefer performances. 


(CJ) We all know “kungfu” means hardwork and you have embodied that beautifully. Aside from the translation of the word, can you tell me what kungfu means to you and how it has impacted your life? 


(T) Kungfu is to me, at least, is really never giving up and enduring the moment. It shows me what strength is and what actual hard work is. 


(CJ) Do you have any specific goals that you would like to accomplish this next year or any long term kungfu wishes? 


(T) My goal was to become a copper tiger, but you know I’ve accomplished that. Maybe beat some of the others in horse stance.


(CJ) Anything else?


(T) Nope!



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