Zuly // Taichi // June 2022

For this month’s student spotlight, I would like to recognize the lovely lady Zuly! Zuly took a chance and joined our taichi classes about a year ago, during a time where covid had us still outdoors, and has been diligently training with us ever since. What I appreciate about Zuly is her enthusiasm for the art and dedication to her practice, in addition to a fighting spirit and a loving heart. Despite various training conditions, physical ailments, and life challenges, it is rare that she fails to bring herself to practice, each and every class. She knows that consistency is key and has proved it through the immense progress she has made since she first walked into our group. Whether she is in class or at home, from taking care of people to leading them in their studies or sharing her enthusiasm, she is an incredibly supportive person to everyone around her and we are grateful for her.

Thank you Zuly for all the wonderful energy you bring to our Taichi class. It has been an honor to teach you and have you as a part of our Kungfu Family! 


(Imari) Tell me about your past experience in Kungfu

(Zuly)  I studied Tai Chi 20 years ago with a Kung Fu Fighter from Trinidad who got hired by the police department in South Florida, and he trained us using Kung Fu drills although we were not kung fu students per se, we had a 1.5 hr warm up before we had our regular class.

(I) What made you decide to practice again? 

(Z) I know the health benefits, throughout my life, that Taichi brings miraculously to our body, and having had a surgery that affected my core muscles and my back, I knew that this was the only way out to recover myself

(I) How has your practice helped your life?

(Z)  Aside from health, it keeps my mind focus, into one single channel thinking only of the muscle memory that I need to remember instead of thinking of the serious family issues that I have now. So, it’s doing a mental fenshui for me now.

(I) What is the most challenging part of your practice? 

(Z) The pain I still have from the surgery in my back

(I) What is your favorite part of your practice?

(Z) The swords

(I) What is the biggest lesson you have learned in your practice?

(Z) That I Can Do This Again. That I have Hope.

(I) What are your goals?  

(Z) To be like Yiu-Fai and later in my life, like Gabe, till very old age.

(I) What advice do you have for new students?

(Z) Never to give up. To have standards, and to pass it on.

(I) Anything else? 

(Z) Thanks Imari for being a wonderful LaoShi. Love you for your patience and for pushing me.



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