Shifu Alex Wall has been training Wing Chun Kung Fu since 1995. He learned from Sifu Ron Bey. Shifu Bey’s instructor was Dr. Fred Ming An Wu. Dr. Wu was an expert in many styles of Kung Fu and came from a family of martial artists.

Dr. Fred Ming An Wu
Sifu Ron Bey (left)

Shifu Alex was an assistant instructor at Bey’s Martial Arts Academy from 1998-2007. He earned his black sash in Wing Chun in 2002. Sifu Alex also was an assistant instructor for Tai Chi at Bey’s Martial Arts Academy. 

In 2011 he began learning Judo to become a more well rounded martial artist. He taught a Wing Chun class at his first Judo school. In 2016 he received his black belt in Judo from Sensei Agnes Gall at Apex Martial Arts Center.

Sensei Agnes Gall (left)
Imari Laoshi

Since 2019, Alex is teaching Wing Chun at East Cloud Kungfu, and practicing Wushu with Imari.


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