An explanation of our school’s name

Yun Dong
East(ern) Cloud

The Shared "East"

  • China is typically considered east and is the “laojia 老家” (native home) of our style of martial arts.
  • North Carolina is on the east coast of the United States and is the home of our school.

A Tribute

Yun Nan 云南 (Southern Cloud) is a beautiful province in the southwest region of China. Yunnan is a place where the weather seems almost always perfect, the people are kind and laid back, and the culture is colorful. This province is very dear to my heart and of which our school name is a tribute to.

A play on words

Yún Dōng (云东) is similar in sound to Yùn Dòng (运动)

This meaning of movement and sports embodies some of the nature of the Chinese Martial Arts.


My own personal love and fascination for clouds. All the pictures of clouds we use were taken by us personally and almost all of them are from Eastern skies.

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