Welcome to East Cloud Kungfu, House of Chinese martial Arts!

We teach Wushu (including kickboxing elements), Wing Chun and Taiji (Tai Chi) and are located between Cary and Raleigh, NC.

San He Dao, translated as the Three Harmonies Saber, is a rare internal saber form that traces back to the world renowned Chinese martial artist, Chu Guiting and the 12 Animal Xing Yi.

Join us on September 21, from 10 am to 4 pm!

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❝ The best way to beat the opponent is to do it with a gun. The goal of kung-fu is to maximize one’s energy and to develop a higher physical level. To achieve that, you must understand life and the universe. ❞

Fist of Legend

Our Philosophy

Values: honesty, integrity, discipline, perseverance, patience, knowledge, understanding, humbleness, community, open-mindedness, adaptability, quality.


  • To teach people about a form of art, self-defense, and culture. It is important that they truly learn and understand the depth of their practice.
  • To provide people with a safe space where they can discover and develop themselves, to help them see their potential and help push them towards it, and let them be part of a community of like individuals.
  • To serve as advocates for the Chinese martial arts and culture.

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